Saturday, September 12, 2015

About Youtube part-2

Creating video for youtube. is a site, hear we can to upload our video file. We have upload own created video for monetize. So we can to earn money form youtube. Yes, a youtube channel may be your key of luck.  

How many way we can to make a video for youtube?
  1. Using Microsoft PowerPoint
  2. Screen recorder software
    • Faststone
    • Debut
    • vsdc
  3. Your camera.  
  4. Video editor
    • Movavi-4
    • video pad video editor etc.
Selection you topic and continue making video for youtube. After on page SEO by youtube key tool.

However, firstly generate your idea for making video. You can to create any kinds of video, which may be useful for others. Continuously upload video, it will be increase your subscriber. Upload your own video, copy video is not except-able. 
About youtube

Watch this video, to create a youtube channel.


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