Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to earn money from chitika

Chitika is a ad earning site, like adsense, propellerads or vidvertiser etc. Its one of the breasted site of world. For create a chitika account go to chitika home page or click this banner

Now submit you email address. You will get a mail withing short time. for complete your application.
Chitika sign up 1st step
Now check you email address, and click complete my application. After you will get a form for provide your data.
Chitika- mail verification 

Now fill up this form properly. Provide your real data.
Chitika sign up from

After full up the form, Click submit. Now you can to see a baton, for go to your dashboard.
Go to chitika dashboard

Now click Go to my dashboard. Hear you get your chitika dashboard and you have to chose ad for publish.
chitika ad chose

Now chose ad for publish. Now click get code. Copy ad code and past you web site or blog.
ad code use
Use that ad code as a gadget in you blog.
Now any visitor click this ad, you will earn from chitika.

To know properly online earning system.
For create properly watch this video.


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