Saturday, November 14, 2015

Short your links and income. income from Adfly $5-25 per day

The problem is too big to share a URL. Short URL using the services of the large URLs are small.
 Today I will introduce you to a Web site that links to the site of a small you can be able to earn and share the link.

When someone clicks on the shared link to your will and your income will earn more clicks, the amount will be much higher. Short URL to this site on Facebook, Twitter, forums, or you can use your personal web site. $ 4.38 will earn less for every 1,000 clicks. It may be more or less depending on the country. At the site of the registration of the inbox of your email account to confirm it. 

For Registration Click this link or banner. 
Then log in to the site. If you would like this site to open.

01. Empty pages are linked to the place that he will share the small or entering Shrink! Button.

02. They give you a link to the new. Now, with the exception of the links at the new links to your blog, site, forum or to share with friends. Click on our links will display your logo will earn.
PayPal or Payza account to pay a minimum of $ 5.


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