Friday, November 27, 2015

Some important tips for Blog site

Do you want to create a beautiful blog, 
then you know how just a few simple steps to create an attractive blog.

Firstly, it will aim to create in such a way that you see it attract visitors to your blog and read the blog myself. If you do not see the good of visitors / subscribers on your blog will be read, and some do not. If your blog is no longer attractive to many of your site content and the site will tell to his neighbor, causing more traffic you get.

Three Easy Tips to satisfy visitors say

1. A way to keep the content of your blog, so everything is right in front of the visitors. This means, on the system, such as blogs, menu buttons, links, is a convenient place so that the home page of the button.

2. And enter the same time deal with some of the best and share them on social networks to keep its options, the share of these visitors to your site and the more traffic you will get from it.

3. Easy-to-clean, beautiful place can be as much as your blog. A page showing the different sections and remove all your content. As a result, visitors can easily come to know the useful information to the department. A search option and the system can keep.

Let's talk about the design.
1. Your site's alignment Center (middle) and for that matter on your site which made the top (first) place.

2. Estimation of the article to your site. Keep your site on the part of 20, and the remaining 80 percent of the Keep the articles presented. Keep the values on which the visitor can easily be found in the course of his choice.

3. You are writing about the subject, allowing his words in bold. The visitors will understand the contents.

4. The background is white and the font color is black. Note that the color is not used, so that visitors can read your written by Feel.

5. Add your issue in accordance with. The visitors will be fun to read your writing.

6. Some familiar unnecessary. For example, the content of the site does not specify the date and time, the Mother of All Battles Photo imbalance.
7. Elegant colors make the site. On the coloring can be done over and over.
Talking to a color scheme.
Background: white
Menu: blue
Logo: Brown
Text: Black

I say finally, the site / blog to write about what you want before you decide, good information, nice and clean like the blog template. Of course, remember the following tips.


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