Thursday, November 26, 2015

The basic principle is to succeed in freelancing

What is not available due to the success of online income. Now you know the reasons and correct yourself, please. 

Freelancing is not the success of the reasons:
1. Do not be specific about the full efficiency. For example, to the buyer, said graphics to design a banner. 
Its just not be enough to create a banner, the banner at the scientific and professional quality of much of the concern.
2. ODesk or other freelancing site is not 100% complete profile.

3. Weak portfolios: how professional the quality of the portfolio is very important. The buyer is primarily a freelancer's portfolio monitoring. So, you want to work on that and try to live portfolio. For example, if you SEO / link building you want to work, but work on the practical ways to successfully keep the portfolio of the screenshot. Research work on the web as well as data entry or practical place to work in this screenshot.
In this case, the freelancer has the best ratings and reputation of the portfolio can sort their portfolios at the idea. Application list below and click on any project oDesk freelancers that can be seen in its portfolio. Given below are some links to portfolios of professional freelancers.
4. Related Cover Letter writing is beautiful, and to bid the cover letter should be explicit. You can cover the project description must be well understood and enhanced self-confidence.

5. Bead is attached to the definite Sample:
it is very important. Sample file will be attached to the bid at the time that is required to be explicit and professional standards.

6. Easy to bid, the bid will not be difficult:
Most of the work to freelancers, such as data entry related to the bid. This is a huge competition to face. However, relatively little harder than the competition, which quickly found success in the bid to make itself efficient.

7. Skills tests given: specific about the skills you need to develop a personal profile through the test. For example, data entry work, Ms Word, Excel, US English Basic Skills, etc. to test.

8. Minimum qualifications are not in English communication issues:
At least understand the project description, the buyer and the buyer understand the message could mean your speech, should have enough English skills.

9. Response delay: the buyer can knock you at any time. So, always be active online. Knock the buyer to reply as soon as possible.

Freelancing jobs are some tips:
1. The best rating for the early low-price bid.
2. Try to bid on the project, in addition to submitting. In other words, try to become the first row of the applicant.
If the bid is part of the buyer 

3. If possible, the part of the buyer to bid on the work attached to it.
4. The most important aspect to be 100% full, beautiful and useful, remain portfolio, skills test given to certain subjects, provided a nice cover letter. If they can not do the work to get the possibility of 99%.


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